PARTY 105 App Reviews

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Want to give 5

I have had the app for over two years and it worked well. Recently my iPhone began saying if I update my phone your app specifically will no longer work, they weren't kidding. Please update your app; I love to listen to it when I'm on vacation in Florida 🙂

Hasn't worked

Would love to have this app and listen to Party 105 more often, but there is no sound can this be fixed???

App doesn't work

Love Party 105 but this app hasn't worked in over a month. Looking forward to a fix so I can get my fix of Party 105!

Broken app!

Fix the dang app already! Smh

Pretty Good App

Wow i cant believe im the only person who has reviewed this. So far this app has been good and hasnt crashed yet.

Get fixed

Great app only things that's so annoying is that it only plays out of one speaker no matter if I use headphones iPod Dock or listening in my car... Please fix other wise it's 5 stars

Pretty Good, Needs Fixing

It's Amazing, I Love This App, But Most Of The Time, It Pauses Unexpectedly And When I Go To Play It, It Skips Backwards And The Whole Song Repeats Itself, Even Goes To The Commercials. Please Fix This!!!

app not good

i think have bug

Party 105

Apps works sporadically. The sound quality is terrible. It sounds like you are listening to an AM station. The radio station is good but the app fails miserably. I'm deleting it as we speak.


Awesome app. It took 5 seconds to download onto my iPod touch and works great. I love this station. Party on party 105.

Works fine

No problems with this app. Love the station!

unable to play errorr

Whenever I load the app to play streaming music, for the past week, i recieve this error. "Unable to play- we cant seem to play the audio stream at this moment.Please make sure you have an internet connection on your device." I have internet connection both at work and at home so I cant see as to why this app wont play. I hope support can fix this error as soon as possible.

Great station better then pluse

Best station great music love everything about the station

1 the App 3 for the station

Gotta say this station has gotten better but it's not Pulse 87 not by a long shot.Even though they have people like Dj serg and Frankie vasquez on here there is something missing.I think the fact that they mix hip hop,pop,and dance is what ruins the station.if you like hip hop you are most likely to tune into hot 97 so why bother playing it here.the App is low quality and it doesnt always work.Somebody please bring back Pulse 87 and the music they played bcs these other stations just don't get it.

Party 105.3 and 87.7 blow

BRING BACK MY PULSE 87.7!! This party stuff blows!

Doesn't Work

Just says "Unable to play"

poor quality what is this 56kbps

time to up your banwith it sounds like your back in the 60's with a mono 56k signal.

Great music!

Great music! Would be able to take Pulse 87's place if the sound quality was like Pulse's. Maybe they should buy the equipment from them and stream at better quality.

Oh brother

I'm so sick of hearing the same hip hop r&b crap every 2 hours with a dance song here and there. If i want that i can tune to the other five radio stations in nyc who are playing the same garbage. Give me a break! This is no dance station! Pulse was a real dance station and very diffrent unlike this Party FM!

Dance Music Lives in NYC

now with pulse 87 gone, Party 105 is NYCs new dance leader and with this app, you can take the beats everywhere!!

Low quality streamcast

It's great to have Party 105 in NYC but the stream sounds a little crappy. I can't really enjoy the music but it sounds like a low quality stream.

I miss this station !!!!

I moved to north Carolina from long island and I use to love to listen to party I'm so glad I can hear it again. There's no station like it down here. Thanks guys

best music app

this app rocks one of the best radio stations on long island ny see for your self great for when your on vacation can always listen

Good app

Okay app. It would be better if the song/ artist were displayed. A playlist would also be cool.

Great app

Who's your bald guy?

Good app

Has call button for concert prizes

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